Saturday, 30 July 2016

Friday, 8 July 2016

Anxiety and me

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I have talked about my panic attack disorder before and just wanted to touch on what its like actually coping day to day with it even though I'm not really suffering the main symptoms anymore.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Some happy things...

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Its been nearly a month since I last posted a blog I have just been super busy and organising my life! Its all positive good stuff and so this is just to update on some happy things that are enriching my world right now :)

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Music Review | Talon The Complete History Tour

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I wrote a review about Talon last year when I saw them perform their acoustic tour which you can read about here. That particular tour only had four of the band, this show had the full squad of Chris Lloyd, Peter Anderson, Tony Vegas, Jonny Miller, Keith Buck, Freddie Miller and Charlie Kenny. If you want to know more about the musicians or buy any of their music then you can find out all about them on their website here.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Short break wish list

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Devon 2014 

Everyone likes a holiday and I love to travel whether abroad or in the UK. I was lucky enough to go on two holidays last year abroad to places I had always wanted to go too but this year finances are more limited and I am saving to move out so if I am to go anywhere it will be in the UK.
Short break or stay-cations whatever you want to call them. I like them and if you don't want to travel far then they are the perfect way to have a few days rest and to explore our very beautiful country. 
If you think that they are a cheaper way to holiday then I would say unless you are staying in very cheap B&B's or hostels then that is not always the case. I only paid £155 for a few days in the South of France last year and that's including flying with British Airways. The places I have researched for my wishlist are about that for 3 nights in a hotel only so not the cheapest, but British weather can not be relied upon so a nice bit of luxury and warmth is a must!!! I often book through as you can get good deals on there and pay nothing until you arrive with free cancellation up to 24 hours before holiday if you have to change your plans which is ideal. 
So here just a few places I would like to go to,

A little town near Keighley in Yorkshire which would probably be unnoticed if it was not for the fact that a family called the Bronte's lived and died there. (The famous writers for those who do not know). I have wanted to visit there for years and if and when I do a visit to the Bronte house, which is now a museum, is first on my list. I will adore wandering the cobbled streets and drinking tea in a little tea shop watching the world go by. The nearest station is Keighley and then its a bus ride from there.

Lake District
Somewhere I have never ever been and again always wanted to. The dramatic scenery and walks in the hills would be enough to keep me occupied. The weather can be extremely unpredictable so I have spied a nice hotel which has a beautiful outlook and spa and restaurant so if the weather was that bad I could spend all day there! There are various areas to go to but I like the look of Lake Windermere.

Shamefully never been here despite not living a million miles away! I have been to Oxford just for the day but did not really explore it all that much as it was more of a meeting up with friend for drinks and sympathy kind of day! I am a big fan of the TV series Grantchester and that is just a stones throw away from the centre of Cambridge so would definitely take a visit there. Otherwise admiring the architecture and maybe hiring a bike or something would be on the itinerary. 

I have been up to Scotland to Edinburgh and took a day trip around the Lochs and I loved it so much. I know that Glasgow is not renowned for its scenery but its still on the top of my list to visit just because it looks like a buzzing city. And I cant deny I do like a Scottish accent! Never tried a deep fried Mars Bar but there is always a first time!

Specifically I want to go to the Mumbles which is a beach area near Swansea. Wales is not somewhere I have visited for a holiday a lot. (I went to Rhyl once many years ago it rained a lot). I went to Cardiff Bay for the day and saw Take That at the stadium but not spent time there. This must be rectified asap. 

So that is my top five places on my wish list. Have you been to any of them? Any hotel recommendations or places to eat/see? Please let me know your thoughts. 

That is all for now. Blog soon.

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